Dear GEMA Family,

It is a joy in the Lord for me to bring you greetings and to update you on two recent events that involved our Gema Family. I trust that God’s favour and grace continue to abound in your lives to meet every need and ministry opportunity.

I want to thank God for his grace which enabled several executives of GEMA to join the 60+ Ghana country delegation that attended MANI 2011 in Abuja, Nigeria from September 4-11th. The theme of the conference was

“Africa, the Blessings, the Challenges, the Opportunities.” Over 600 delegates from 57 countries within and outside Africa attended.

The primary message of the conference was UNITY, UNITY and more UNITY among Christians as we endeavour to take the Gospel to the over 2000 unreached people groups still waiting for missionaries to bring the Good News to them. Our country Ghana has a missions deficit of 26 unreached people groups. Who will send missionaries to them?

The secondary message of the conference was DISCIPLES, DISCIPLES and more DISCIPLES! We must not only win converts, but grow disciples with deep and strong roots into Christ. Only such, would unite, go or send others to complete the unfinished task. Are you a disciple? I hope and pray so.

We congratulate Dr. Reuben Ezemadu and his leadership team for excellent hosting amid tight security challenges following the terrorist bombing of the U.N. office in Abuja, just the week before the conference. We also commend Rev. Robert Dentu, the Director of Ghana Evangelism Committee (GEC), who coordinated the Ghana delegation. May God bring a stronger wave of Movement for African National Initiatives because of MANI 2011.